So, I get to put up a Leap Year post.  As you all know, I’m all about weirdness.  And, this weirdest of calendar days puts me in a right mood!  No, not that…  Well, maybe a bit .  Anyway, I’ve been finding plenty of weirdness in the days leading up to Leap..Day?  Year?  I mean, the day isn’t a whole year, in and of itself.  Well, whatever.  Feast upon the bizarre and stupid—your Lord commands it!   Alright, fine; Digby is asking you, pretty please with whipped cream on top.  Ya happy??


Leap year sometime plays a part in my job.  I’ve encountered a few occasions over the last two decades where officers were given February 29th as date of birth for people the officers were wanting checked, only to have the system reject the date of birth as invalid (the year given isn’t a leap year). It can take a few minutes to realize the situation, although newer software will tell the user the reason for the rejection.  When that happens, I know it’s gonna be a doozy.

I, for one, really want to have my travel time interrupted at the drop of a hat.  Makes you wonder just who it is that wants this boycott.

Semper Fi.  I’m including this as a form of “weird” recognition for our Glib Marines, regardless of his other career.

“Hell is only a word.  The reality is much, much worse.”  You’re welcome, ladies.

C’mon—you can’t take shit off of people just because they’re kids.

When ‘bizarre’ is fascinating.  I really do recommend catching this channel’s videos when you can.  They aren’t all winners.  But, you do tend to come away a bit smarter.

I must be a Viking, because I find this stuff amazing.  Well, it’s cool as hell, at least. (I bet there’s at lest one glib who gets the reference)

I don’t even want to know how this became a ‘thing’.  I do, of course, want to read your snark.

On a more serious note—my sincerest condolences for everyone dealing with the loss of loved ones, injury/illness, and other assorted issues.  There was an attempt, earlier in the week, to have a sort of conference call for those who wanted to participate.  Didn’t quite work out as planned, but, I, and others (looking in your direction, Miss ‘Splosives), would like to try to make this a thing, if there are others who would like another avenue for conversation, support, putting voices with names, etc.  Let me know in the comments.


Well, get on with it!  No, not that…  Well, maybe a bit.  Anyway, some appropriate music for this sort of thing.  Anyways—Mazel, mazel; good things!