Our goal is to do something fun and create something we can all be proud of.  We’re all doing this for the love of it and without pay. It might be widely read or it might be merely a cathartic and futile means for us to expend pent-up anger at a government and political system that is rapidly moving away from what we envision as an optimal system to live by.  All we know is that we have to fight for what we believe in.

Do we all agree on everything? Hardly.  Although we all have a strong love of liberty and don’t fit well in the usual Left-Right political and social dichotomy, our philosophies range from anarcho-capitalism to established mixed economies.  Some of us believe in completely open borders and some don’t.  We have pro-lifers sharing space with pro-choicers.  Religious rubbing elbows with atheists.

But what we have in common is belief in the basic principle that our government should have less control over our lives; that people should be free to speak their minds, free from the fear of being imprisoned, their business shut down, or their place of worship surveilled; that we should become less involved in the internal affairs of foreign governments; that we should respect the individual and do everything we peacefully can to promote equality of opportunity for all people; that no free person should be compelled to do anything against their will; and that America would do well to return to the ideals of our founders as they pertain to our government’s relationship to us. We don’t want our politicians to be “leaders,” each of us knows what we want to do with our individual lives.

We’ll try to bring you writing and links that will entertain as well as provoke spirited debate.  We will try to do so without respect to politicians or parties. We trust you’ll let us know when we are falling short.  And as believers in the power of crowd-sourcing and community, if you want to contribute a lead or original writing, we’ll be grateful. See the Leads/Submissions button up top.

We are a registered Texas Non-Profit Foundation. We are NOT a 501(c)(3) and any donations you may make to help keep the lights on are NOT tax-deductible.


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