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GlibFit 4.0 – Medicinal Food

I have been thinking about food quite a bit lately. My weight has been creeping back up. Part of it has been due to very odd hours and inconsistent workouts. I wonder if some of the claims about foods having nearly magical health benefits is true. I’m not talking about the obvious, noncontroversial claims like the benefits of eating whole, unprocessed food. I’m referring to claims of foods that promote weight loss, prevent or cure cancer, and the like.

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GlibFit 4.0 – The Running Man

I’ve been trying to figure out whether running helps or hinders what I want to accomplish. I have never been a big guy but have put on some muscle at the gym. I’m putting together a plan to get more serious about my lifting, eating, and sleeping. I’m 29 years old, aware of my age, and gaining muscle is not getting easier.

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