I bring the news!

I am bored. I am filled with boredom. I am a mote of boredom in a whirling cosmos of dull. Also, I am tired of the news being 100% AAAAH, WE ALL GONNA DIE!!! So, these links are a small attempt to find some news out in the world that is not plaguedeathbiodoom.

So, here we are:

  • Celebrity domestic violence!!! Amidst a case that might earn the lawyers involved the GDP of a small nation…
  • Iran-France prisoner exchange. Looks like the Iranians can still push the French around. [Insert your own “surrendering French” joke here].
  • Something right out of a SugarFree inspired nightmare.

There. See, there are things not related to DOOMVIRUSFROMHELL.

Huh, I’ve got a note to go to TPTB boardroom. Man, that never turns out good for me. You all go rampage in the comments, I’ve got to go down the hall and see what is up.