*looks around* *sees corporate hangout*

Oh my goodness they’re letting me do links!

Something different tonight. Not news. Oh no. I don’t do news. I do Deep Thoughts.

An analysis of what went wrong during the 1970s Kansas City School District desegregation experiment by judicial fiat that bankrupted almost every other school district in the state while we got maritime law libraries in a high school. The KCSD is still not accredited, nor is St Louis’s. They’re mired in politics and graft by the same kind of people who turned Detroit into a shithole.

The concept of high born and low born fascinates me. This guy’s nuts. I used to follow him, but I faded away because time and busyness and all.

I’ve linked this before in comments, but I will share again. Here’s to us, baby busters!

The arts and money. Left-Eye breaks it down on VH-1 when that was a thing and Harlan Ellison is here to tell you to pay up or fuck off.

Speaking of art that paid … rape by engraved invitation.

A vastly underrated voice but criminitly the chick is also utterly bonkers.

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.
You lost control of your life,
so you bought sweatpants.”
—Karl Lagerfeld