I guess I really dodged that Friday the 13th!  I say that as I write this from the 10th, so, what do I know?  Maybe lots of good stuff will happen then; maybe COVID gets all of us.  My plans are that I’ll be enjoying a 3-day weekend and a trip to the optometrist’s office.  So, with that out of the way, let’s get it on:



It’s oh-so-sad to realize that we coulda had a non-grifter in the WH.  Remember, folks:  This guy works as an editor for Bloomer’s news “empire”.  Totes unbiased.

Follow this lady’s example, and, reach for the stars!  See, you go at ‘em for a low-ball amount, and then, play to the jury, so that they really stick it to The Rat.

Oh, good! –I was worried that COVID in the US wasn’t gonna be militarized.

And, to think–you animals want to LEGALIZE IT!!  Won’t somebody please think of the Canucki children?!?  Best.  Hockey Game.  EVAR.

Dude, I get that where you live is a relatively small community.  But, if you didn’t want to be a public figure, why run for office?   Oh, right!  Power and control…durrr!

This week…I have no getting-to-know-you questions.  So, ask your own, and let’s see what answers you get.

I’m linking this story for the following reasons:

  1. “beautiful succulent
  2. To give Home Depot due credit
  3. This shit makes me laugh

You touch-a my car, I break-a you face.  Seriously, though—don’t touch my property without my permission, and I won’t have to shoot your dumb ass.

To all the (((glibs))) who support the Night Shift, I give you:  A llama in a kippah.  The real joke is that this cost the dude $400.  For a llama rental.  NOT the same as downtown, I can promise y-…uhh, never mind.

Because International Womxn’s Day just flew past us, he’s my vote for an ’empowerment’ anthem.  And, in honor of Spring Break, enjoy some sun.


Spring is upon us, but, you lot prefer Fall.  Well, you’ll take the warming weather and LIKE IT!!  Jump in; the water’s fine, and, anyway, you need to wash your ass.  Anyway–Peace, Love, and Happiness…oh, look who I’m talking to.