As I write this, I’m waiting to see if a hail storm will manifest in my area.  Damn you, Wuhan Shuffle—you ruin everything!  It has been becoming more and more evident that we are watching a no-shit power grab all across the country, and the millions of people who are either cheer-leading it, or, figure that bending over is better than not bending over.  If I were a paranoid man, I’d be thinking that COVID was eerily convenient for all these Dem-Socs trying to redefine the concepts of Rights, and, Liberty.  Anyway, let me adjust all this foil, and let you get on with the comments:


An Ode to COVID.

I posted this back on Tuesday evening, but I want to milk it for all it’s worth.  I don’t guess it’s all that different from all the other service industry attempts to legislate more money into their pockets.  However, I have a feeling that these are the same people who crap on employers from ‘profiteering’ off of the current plague.

A palate-cleanser.  Let’s hear it for the boy, er…man!  No, really—let’s hear it.

With much love to Suthen, and any other Pelican State glibs:  Proof that the Louisiana Purchase was a mistake.  I know, I know—it’s just that I’ve seen too much fuckery from Louisiana royalty.

Talk about Sweet Home, Chicago.  I wanna hear her plea: “Not guilty, Your Honor, on account of that old bitch is a Nazi!”

Foregoing the plethora of jokes, I do feel bad for the attendees.  I wonder how this story will be used in the future.

Of Frog, and Man.

Is there a word for being simultaneously stupefied AND relieved?  Let’s ask HM Crusty.

Just remember:  There was a reason the U.S. adopted the term “Freedom Fries”.  This is the country that invented Savate, ffs!

In honor of the new crop of grifters.   Of course, the obvious response to these types.


Alright; have at it, you lot.  This ain’t Europa—no monoliths gonna stop ya.