It’s that time of the week again (eww), so let’s discuss just how awesome, or, awesomely messed up life is.  To wit:


Considering the current state of things, I wanted to honor Neph’s request.

Waaaaa!  Altight—I admit that I posted this simply because the look at the ass-hat’s face is priceless.  Of course, this is growing, and, only happening due to a virus; otherwise, they crave politicians blathering.

The City of Brotherly Shove.  This is sufficient evidence for CCH.  Also—this happened five months ago.  Say it with me:  Violent hate has no freshness date.

The week’s “I hate everyone in this story” story.

The Critical Drinker talks Westerns, and, Unforgiven, specifically.  Some good points, and a chance for discussion.  Favorite Western?  I think CPRM and I are both waiting for Outlaw Johnny Black.

STEVE SMITH has an enemy.  Not that he cares…

Meet the man who helped bankroll the Star Wars sequel trilogy.  Wait—this guy’s a year younger than me??

Harambe was seen lurking in the area.  He did follow good attorney advice.

To round it out, a bit of inspired music.  Too bad their actual views essentially are for moar authoitah.


So; are you sufficiently charged up for chatting, snarking, and self-linkage (eww)?  Well, get to it, then.  And, don’t give me any guff about needing to rest for work—we all know you ain’t going anywhere.  Have a refreshing beverage, and chill.