I’m starting this one a few hours after Super Tuesday (insert whichever joke you like), and it occurred to me that I wanted to try and see if I could provide a politics-free late-night post.  On a libertarian-ish website.  I’m already fatigued by all the flavors of proto-Communism floating around our country, as no one needs 37 types of Socialism.  Now, you fellow Night Shift-ers—link and comment about whatevs.  I’m gonna see what’s out there, in terms of “regular news”.  Let’s get it on:


With friends like his…What better way to exact revenge for damaging your car, than by using it as a battering ram?

This was a favorite of mine when I was a wee lad.  And, linking to it gets me wondering:  What product is long gone that you miss?  Doesn’t have to be food, nor does it have to be from your childhood.  But, it seems that, as soon as you find something you dig, it eventually changes, or, goes away.  Tell us your tale of star-crossed consumerism.

A good start?  Pay attention to the ‘casual’ mention of the Free State Project.

Courtesy of Vhyrus, over on the glibs Discord.

My man, Raphael, delivering the goods, too.

To be fair, UPS often brings these feelings out.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to let any concerned agency citizen know that I have fewer than 20,000 rounds of ammo.  That you know of.

It’s an award.  But, not and award-award.  I dunno—something about the Duality Compartmentalization of Man…

I think I know who’s NOT getting hired by UPS any time soon.  File this under “Chafed Bait”.  On second thought….

Womp womp.

Yeah-I’m going there.  I was bound to link at some point, so there ya go.  OK—fine:  I’ll class it up for you!


Yeah, my March game is off to a weak start.  I’m just trying to get to my upcoming vacay in April, as well as carve out some time of not being bombarded by even more media cheerleading for the Dems.  I know, I know…  Well, y’all get to it and let’s chat the night away.