I’ve taken the majority of the week off of work for an anniversary stay-cation (::eye roll::).  Anyway, when I’m off work, I tend not to be online.  However, I can’t deny all both of my fans (God, I’m hating myself more with each sentence…), so I figured I’d prepare eine kleine nachtmusik.


Wolverines!!  Lead the way, Michiganders.  BTW, this may shed a bit of late light on things relating to earlier discussions about the ‘event’.

How about a getaway with Ozzy Man?  You can stay-cation with me!  (I’m gonna kick my own ass after this)

Uh, sure thing, dude….  Clock Boy was seen lurking in the area.

Go make sandcastles, kids.  Piss on these bullies.  Also, let’s hope this brings skaters and normies together, even if it’s temporary.

On second thought, dump the dirt in Crossville.  Also—FB?  Really?

That’s some mighty fine driving, fellas.

It should be dark by now.  Not your cup o’ tea?  Well, have an NSFW laugh, then.  Bonus, must-see video.


Alright, folks—that’s it for my quickie shortened week.  If you’ve been down, angsty, riled up, or, just plain blah, know that I’m sayin’ a prayer for you, and, am here for ya, if/when you need to vent.  Try to take it easy, and I may, or may not, see you here.