Alright—last week was light on written comments, and heavy on chat.  I am already looking forward to doing that again, and eve bought a new outfit headset.  Anyway, COVID shit had got us all down, and our collective dander up (eww).  I don’t have any real answers to the questions that have been asked as of late, so, I’ll try to keep posting some silly shit, even if it is Moo Goo Gai Pandemic-related.  For example:


Florida Woman:  Government Edition.  Never stop being stupid, and, never stop wearing that hat, cowgirl.

Paging Crusty Juggler—did you already cover this HARD-hitting EXPOSE’?  I can’t even, with all this crap.

A Tale of Two Syndromes.  A search for one cure still leaves people with terminal stupidity.

I can see where Bernie gets it.  Not that, ya perv.  Still, getting bent over is getting bent over.  Tautology 101.

Dude, that is NOT how you play “Blame it on the dog”.  If you’re going to be a traffic asshole, leave your pets out of it, please.

When you absolutely, positively have to be a shit-heel.  I guess she figured her self-righteousness made her immune to the Wuhan Wheeze.

Hold on—isn’t ‘knife range’ pretty much ‘infection range’?  What’s the over/under on this getting lots of airtime?  Racially-motivated attack vs. minority perp…

Submitted without further comment.


Naw; no music links tonight—too busy trying to learn the Kid ‘n’ Play Wuhan kick-step.  Please, supply your own four our amusement and edification.   Mix, mingle, and avoid contracting the digital clap, you crazy kids