Yeah, I missed out on all the Glibs talk this last weekend.  That said, if anyone in a position of governmental power in the US is keen on following timeframes they came up w—why are you laughing?  Oh, right.  Well, I’m still hopeful some of us will see businesses opening back up soon.  To that end, I don’t think I’m gonna have a lot merry, whimsical news to share, but, let’s get it on:


OK, I sort of find this whimsical.

Faygos up!  Realize this:  The Atlantic is now impressed with Juggalos.  Mmm-hmm…

Paging straffinrun (warning: music auto-play).  I can’t do any kind of drawing art, so, I find it online.  Check out his other vids, as he has a few examples of this devil’s trickery skill.

Here’s a little nighttime story for ya.  Just read up before you go to sleep.  Or, the doctor’s office…

You want a snow-boarding cat, you get a snow-boarding cat.  No, it’s pretty straight-forward.

The follow-up on that sand-in-the-playground crap I mentioned last week.  Yeah, it’s a bit old, but, you go, kids.

Got TrumpBucks?  Here’s a possible shopping list for you.

“We have to keep everybody safe.”   I guess those Amish should have just got a protective order—that should free the cops from this fakakta duty he’s claiming.

Oh, that Natty…  I bet you all remember your first naked, drunken funeral parlor romp, right?  (Note—I have never, ever been to NJ.)


Alright; I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead…  Breaking even.  OK, fine!–I’m just plain stopping here.  You can BYOM, if you require tunage.  I hope everyone is safe, healthy, and maintaining.  If not, I’m saying a little prayer for you, and will do what I can to help. Keep on keepin’ on.