Yeah, I’m gonna pack it up, for the time being.  Not that the world doesn’t still need bitching about, and being laughed at.  Nosiree!  But, between my time input, and my self-assessed value in these things, I want to take a vacay for a while.  So, let me get on with this:


I have to say it:  Dallas, you’re a little bitch.  You may be my birthplace.  You may be my mother’s home, as well as home to other family and friends.  But, you are a still a suck-ass, p.o.s., p.i.t.a., petty tyrant haven, boil-on-the-ass-of-America.  Yes, there are worse places—I don’t want to live there, either.

I’ll admit that the phrase “Drive-thru pole dance” is intriguing.  Of course, this aspect has been covered (ahem) on this site before.  But, “hand sanitizer wrestling”??

So…Swing and a hit?  It’s the delicate dance of couple-hood, or, something.

Whoopsie!  Personally, I am not in the camp of, “they’re gonna learn it sometime; might as well be…”  I am also very happy this isn’t something I have to contend with.

From the Truth in Advertising department…“Free State Province”?  Really?

I don’t think I can facepalm big enough for this.

I mean, if you’re gonna keep poking the bear, dude.  I bet Ed is SO disappointed (I sort of doubt anyone gets the joke).

Hey, we could all use some good ne–Oh.  Watch this be a legit ‘Greatest Invention Since Sliced Bread’ thing…

Insert Taco Bell recipe joke of your choosing.  Someone in her household has done time, I would wager.

Alright, Lone Star State—time to get back to work.  To help this happen, I’ll be getting a haircut before this post goes up.  Think I may rock a mohawk….

Goodnight, sweethearts.  Or, if you prefer.  Or…whateverI’ve got “activities” to attend toAlways one last light to turn out, ya know?


I guess that wraps it up for a while, at least.  No need to get sentimental, or anything.  If anyone wants to jump in with their own late-night postings, please feel free to get that set up.  I will, most likely, be back at some point soon.  I hope everyone is starting to get out and live a fruitful and fulfilling life again.  You know—F Karens and make money.  Hope to see more of you over on the video chats, as long as they are a thing.  Peace!