We ride! No face masks!

I had given up on the Catalans dedication to their independence from Spain, once their leaders were stuffed into prison and little came of it. We are watching the same sort of thing, but worse, happen to Hong Kong.

As I opined at the time of the Catalans failing, the only sure way to secure your independence was through force of arms. Note, I am speaking of people who seek independence from a larger, central state – not the disintegration and loss of will of empires such as the British in India, or the USSR collapsing. Spain is very much there, and will not let it’s richest part walk away. The CCP manages an aggressively postured empire that has seized Tibet, grabbed parts of India, is staking out sea territories none of the world recognizes …and is now squashing Hong Kong.

Unless you can shoot your way out – you will remain part of such states.

The only bit that gives me a bit of hope for Hong Kong is not for the place. That is gone, now…but the people. The British version of The Hair has made a rather startling offer. What good is Hong Kong to the CCP if it is devoid of all her productive citizenry – the people that made such a small place so very valuable.

I will be keeping a wary, but hopeful eye on how this plays out.

What is the Hong Kong version of Don Quixote?