Journal of American Antiquities, Vol 133

Editors Note: The following is a hitherto unknown document, recently uncovered and translated from ruins in the Rocky Mountains of the American Continent. It is from the Late Imperial Era and sheds new light on the lead up to the final collapse of the American Empire. This has been brought forth by the dedicated work of Dr. Henrie Maslow and staff at the University of New Sydney; we thank him for making the results available to the public.

[Translators Note: The following passage is from the Late Imperial Period, and can be confidently dated, as it is believed to be an original source, as it records the history from the year 2020. As with all records from such a distant time, many parts of the files were corrupted and unreadable. These have been simply marked by use of the ellipsis, as is conventional. Dates have been estimated and are indicated as such, in Italics. All other translator notes appear in this format, so as not to confuse notes with translation. ~ H.M.]


January 2020

… And now we make a record of the 231st year since the founding of the Congress and Peoples of America, the 4th year of the reign of Trump as President, First Citizen and Commander-in-Chief. The analysts of our greatest banks assure that the year is marked to be a prosperous and bounteous one. Such portent is of relief, and a feast has been … War is upon the nation. The President went forth and struck down his foes. The nation is in tumult, preparing for impending war with Iran and rumors abound that war with Russia is imminent … It seems that we shall not see peace in our generation … In the Senate, various enemies of Donald Trump, President of the Peoples of America, have organized, lead by the Representative Adam Schiff, and brought him under Trial … Accusations of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress …

February 2020

… Iowa Caucuses for the nomination by the Democrats to president are held … much confusion … New Hampshire is held … Senator Bernie Sanders appears to be taking the lead … Joe Biden, former Vice President cannot manage to place competitively in the elections … It seems the progressives have taken over the democratic party … The enemies of the President have found no comfort among the Senate, Trump has been acquitted of all charges and his re-election seems secure … Envoy’s tell of a strange disease affecting far off places … Wuhan … Our wizards have assured us to not be worried … Exhorted to hug our Asian friends

March 2020

Joe Biden sweeps the nation, and looks to secure the nomination from the Democrats … Travel from outside the country has been banned in an effort to keep this new disease away from our shores … The Markets have failed us … recession is imminent … Our wise men have been consulted, and recommend a two-week lock-down on all activity in order to secure our hospitals … this dangerous disease must be stopped …

Late March through April 2020

A time of jubilee is in order, and a time to extend clemency, some advisors have suggested that prisoners be release from prisons to keep them safe from the disease that aches our shores … Such advice has been taken into account in far off landsOil Prices have collapsed, a bright spot in the horror that is our lives …

May – July 2020

[Translators note: This period is particularly hard to date, as it is fraught with corrupted data, however we do know that it must have occurred in the summer of 2020. ~H.M.]

Our Astronomers have made a new discovery, though they do not foretell what it could mean, though we assume it may mean a relief from the virus … /news/world/soccer-kicks-germany-first-major-sports-league-reopens-amid-pandemic-n1207956 … It seems we are getting back to normalcy … RUN, HIDE, FIGHT! The barbarians have come to our streets killing our innocents … The people rise up to defeat them and defend the weak …

August 2020

… In far off lands they tell of an election being contested … our allies have opposed the results, as they are a threat to democracy … Democracy should be upheld …

September 2020

… Peace in our time! … Kosovo and Serbia, have normalized their economic relations … evidence that peacekeeping forces work … Venezuela, enemies of the Peoples of America, is in hot water [Translators note: This is an old American Idiom, meaning “in trouble” ~ H.M.] … accused of crimes against humanity … sure that … UN will get to bottom of it

October 2020

… After 35 years! Peace at last! … Falklands which were plagued by mines, have been fully de-mined … Truly this is a year that has been graced by victory’s for peace … Peace at last! The diplomats of the Peoples of the United States … Announced normalized relations between Israel and Sudan … Calamity has struck! … Donald Trump, First Citizen, has been stricken by the disease ravaging our land … our greatest doctors have been assembled …

November 2020

… Election [Translators Note: This portion of the document is intact, but the words are utterly corrupted, in a manner consistent with the data proscriptions of the Late Imperial Era. It appears that some censor did not want this to survive into our time. ~H.M.]Joseph Biden was declared victor … Good news has finally fallen upon our ears! A salve for the disease that ravages our land has been discovered

December 2020

… an ominous portent … great observatory of Arecibo has been destroyed [Translators Note: This is a reference to the famed, and hither too believed mythical, Great Telescope of Arecibo. The mythology around this construction, was that it was so large it covered an entire crater on an Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It has long been held to be mythical, but this contemporary reference to it’s destruction, will certainly be of interest to archeologists everywhere ~H.M.] … astronomers are done unjustly by fate … [This final passage is littered with corruption, but can be best surmised as follows ~ H.M.]They have taken the Captial, and the White House … We have barred the entrance to the bunker … the ground shakes … drums, drums in the deep … we cannot get out … a shadow moves in the darkness … we cannot get out … they are coming …