And I'm not going to post pictures of my husband because you would surely all switch teams for him

You get pictures of my dog because I miss her and my husband

What’s in store for 2021? It’s really anyone’s guess, but if you’re interested in peering beyond the veil

I still haven’t made any progress on Leviathan Wakes, despite spending a good amount of the last week doing, frankly, absolutely nothing. And yet… [potential heavy breathing]

Obvious but obligatory link about being “stimulated” this year.

News the whole world can use, kind of. I mean, if you’re into watching the hot mess that is the Olympics, even under the best circumstances.

As for local news, it appears that this gal has scaled back her hours. Hopefully 2021 sees her business pick up some. I’m going to make more of an effort to visit, at least.

Today’s musical choice goes out to Mr. Riven, who I can’t wait to get back to tomorrow. <3