The Narrative is an interlocking set of lies promulgated by an alliance of governmental and commercial/social media interests to keep the public ignorant, fearful, and obedient. The Narrative is pervasive. It is taught in schools from pre-K to graduate and is in the news 24/7. I believe the fundamental split in society isn’t rich .vs. poor or urban vs. rural, but those who believe The Narrative vs. those who do not.

The Narrative provides a complete mental framework for one’s relationship with society and government. To dispute one element of The Narrative is to dispute the whole thing. This is why those who believe The Narrative get so combative when it’s challenged. An insinuation that one tenet of The Narrative is in error is an insinuation that one’s entire concept of reality is in error. This is perceived as aggression and, according to The Narrative, an appropriate response to conceptual aggression is physical violence.

Does this sound familiar? I believe The Narrative figuratively occupies the part of the brain that evolved to contain religion and that religious faith may provide some inoculation to The Narrative.

It used to be that believers and non-believers could literally get along in public because there was no way to tell who was what. Compulsory masking has changed that. The mask has become the Nazi armband of modern society. Not wearing a mask challenges a part of The Narrative and reveals the free breather to be a dangerous free thinker.

Who believes The Narrative? In my observation it’s people who’ve had little or no difficulty in their lives. Human beings evolved to live with a certain level of stress and, paradoxically, suffer without it. The Narrative provides endless amounts of trivial difficulty to fill the gap. Intelligence has nothing to do with it. I know some very intelligent people who believe The Narrative.

Who doesn’t believe The Narrative?

– People with sufficient levels of self-awareness, observation, and critical thinking.
– High level government officials.
– The powers behind commercial and social media outlets.

The Narrative is a weak argument because it’s a transmission from Top Men and relies upon faith in Top Men. If someone realizes that just one of the tenets of The Narrative is false, it could be concluded that the Top Men are liars. From that it could be concluded that the remainder of The Narrative is a lie.

I concede that what follows could be considered a massive straw man argument. “My enemies believe this.” I would be fascinated to read a rejoinder.

The following statements are just a part of The Narrative. None of them are true:

– The conspiracy theory known as The Narrative is false.

– Statements contrary to The Narrative are dangerous “disinformation” and “fake news” and do not deserve First Amendment protection.

– A person who makes statements contrary to The Narrative is depending on the context:

– racist
– sexist
– a white supremacist
– a domestic terrorist
– homophobic
– transphobic
– fascist
– a Nazi

– Government officials only do what is best for society and are never wrong.

– Commercial and social media spokesmen are honest, trustworthy, and factual.

– Physical violence is an appropriate response to conceptual aggression.

– Criticism of the government is treason to the country.

– Individuals have a personal responsibility to safeguard the interests of society.

– Systemic Racism is a real problem that requires immediate attention.

– White Privilege is a real problem that requires immediate attention.

– Global Climate Change is a real problem that requires immediate attention.

– Global Climate Change is caused by human activity.

– Nuclear power is dangerous.

– Nuclear power is economically unviable.

– The world’s energy needs can be provided by renewable sources.

– The SARS-CoV2 virus is so dangerous that a perpetual state of emergency is an appropriate response.

– Casual masking inhibits the spread of viruses.

– The nation is experiencing an epidemic of gun violence.

– Laws restricting access to guns reduce gun violence.

– The nation is experiencing an epidemic of drug abuse.

– Laws restricting access to drugs reduce drug abuse.

– The events in Portland, Oregon starting in 2020 are peaceful protests.

– The January 6, 2021 event in Washington, DC was a violent insurrection.

– The 2016 Presidential election outcome was the result of Russian interference.

– The 2020 Presidential election outcome was fair and honest, the epitome of electoral correctness, beyond reproach.

– Transgender women have no physical advantage over natural women in athletic competitions.

– Not having medical insurance means not having access to medical care.