There is not much to report this week.  I’ve also been busy with work and St. Patrick’s Day festivities.  I did not attend any committee hearings or watch any recordings of committee hearings.

SB 155

SB 155, which codifies some of the Governor’s emergency orders into law, passed the Senate on a vote of 23-1.  My guess on its next step is that since it has a “FN” tag, it will go into the Senate Finance Committee for inclusion in the Senate’s proposed budget.

SB 138

SB 138 is a bill introducing price controls during emergencies.

Granite Grok ran a piece on the bill, and says the bill lost a Senate sponsor.  The bill status page on the state Legislature’s web page still shows, as I write this, that Sen. Bob Guida is a sponsor.  We’ll see if it changes.

News for the Week

NH Journal ran an editorial in favor of HCR 2, the resolution to end the state of emergency.

Daniel Horowitz mentions Gov. Sununu in this piece critical of legislatures around the country letting governors do whatever those governors want.

Some people confront a Republican who voted against HB 63, the bill rolling back emergency orders enforcement actions.

I saw talk of an anti-mask protest involving burning masks.  It was supposed to take place in Concord, NH on the evening of the 17th.  I have seen no news reports about it.  It was St. Patrick’s Day.  Instead of attending, I was out enjoying St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

The Week of March 22nd through 26th

I expect this week will be another week with not much news to report.  Some legislators I know say the House will have a multi-day voting session early in April, which will include a vote on HCR 2.  Depending on what happens next week, I might take a break from writing these.