Hey hey there Gliberati. Long time no see. My life has been in turmoil lately, so my apologies for the lack of links lately. I can’t guarantee there will be any next week, but there are some for this week. Woohoo!

Merab Piranishvili, an artist from Tbilisi, Georgia, has created his own version of Easter Island, but these sculptures immortalise artists and poets.

I just bought a new (to me) car, and stumbled upon this gem while browsing bumper stickers.

Restaurants are being clever and coming up with ghost restaurants in delivery apps to drive more sales. From what I can tell, it’s actually a good idea.

Someone at KQED is bitching about the ending to Thelma & Louise. I can’t figure out why this is trending among my (non-glib) friend group. <shrug emoji>

I really want to try dalgona coffee.

Finally, the debate about over or under for the toilet paper roll is at an end.

Best phrase I’ve seen online this week is, “an accommodating hernia.”

I am going to make these cards.

We could all use these.

C'est la vie

Fuck the wind

Poor Eagles.

Yep. It's true.


This is just one of the random things I have on my phone

Years of living with men is clearly what drove this woman over the edge. Just one more mess to clean up and she’s finally done. Slightly unrelated, I want to know where the flying submarines are going.