I visited an old friend, who held my arms and wondered, what stories they could tell? So many years, so much pain….

And She held me tighter…..

Most people have Scars, physical and mental, and I have a few, as some of you know,

But let’s take a tour of a lifetime, a Tradesman, in this case, my arms. In my time, safety wasn’t all that big, we took chances, and sometimes we just needed paper Towels and Duct tape, other times oops, we got some stitches, but we didn’t care, we were Young and bulletproof.

 It was odd at first, getting cut all the time, HvAC and being a Tin knocker will get you, if you are good, bloody if you aren’t, and the scars begin…

 The time I tossed a roof jack up to my Friend, he missed, 15 stitches and 2 staples,

When I stapled my hand to a Floor joist,

One unit, a Frost burn on one hand, and a heat burn on the other, Burns hurt!

Intentionally cutting the last piece of ductwork, knowing you would be cut, Paper towels and duct tape at the ready, We watched the blood pool, very cool! And while all that was happening..20 stitches and 2 staples….

 Dubz was a 100 pound Rottweiler/Pitbull mix, Big like Daddy, and very Tough, I wore my my Big jacket so she didn’t tear my arms off, but she still got through, scars again, worth every one, a great dog, Then of course came My Bella,

By this time my arms are getting used to the bleeding and scars, and I just don’t care, everything is sharp and wants to cut me, so I bring a towel..

I get cuts working in and out of machines every day, large and small, as I age, my skin has become thin and easy to slice, so I watch out, but still…


Swing Life Away

 I had a Beautiful Dog once, and now I’m crying, but anyway, what a shark! She fought hard, and gave me some new scars  and in the end, my scars are my memories. Wendy is in a box behind my shoulder, with her Dog atop it all. I still work full time and bleed a lot, more scars to add I suppose but….

Every scar is a memory, a memento of my long life as a builder, the good, the sad, the painful and joyous,

I make the World run, Without people like us, the Builders, Maintainers, Sanitation, and Service, The world would fall apart,

I’ll take my scars,

if you are interested, there is more,



I am rather thin as some of you know, and I am very useful in tight locations, such as under a 5000 gallon mixer,

Tight spot

This is the kind of spot you crawl in forward, and Back out, upside down,

Stainless Heaven

And that’s about it for this trip, til the next one,