Swiss Servator reporting…

Rant time.

Over the past several months, I started to get fed up with what I call “Twitter Journalism”. Note, this is not stories about Twitter, as in this. They are annoying for their own reasons, but not the particular thing that has me cheesed off.

I had been following a popular blogger, Glenn Reynolds (“Instapundit”) in his disgust and eventual leaving of Twitter. But one thing I noticed was that the site sure had no problem not only linking to Twitter, but it was pretty much the content of a post/story itself. See what I mean here:

It occurred to me that this had been going on for some time. And it started to grate on me… “Twitter is such a cancer”, but it is easier to slap up a pic/link of a Twit and “There, I have done my job!” I started thinking of it as Twitter Journalism. Post a link or pic of a Twit, and there is my story. Not to single out a rightish blog – the Left/Legacy Media does it too:

Even a Twit inside a Twit. Gah!

Is it so hard to type out a statement, or link to an actual statement or such?

And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the most egregious abuser of lazy Twit-posting… sports media:

Even sports talk radio falls into this, constantly. If I hear one more “A Tweet from…” GAH! How about actually talking to someone? Maybe verifying something before screaming about a Tweet? Feh.

If anyone thinks Twitter is going to censor itself away, or be replaced by something else, they had best find it for the shortcut taking “journalists” or bloggers.

/rant off