Raclette for all, yes?

Your links, I will bring them.


Alright everyone….we are back to the weekly grind. So lets take a look at the world out there.

  • Hmmm. I am sure this would be spent on nothing but effect, direct aid. Certainly not skimmed, dipped into, and wasted on rapey Blue Helmets or cholera outbreaks.

OK, not off to a good start.

  • “We are going to do what we want” “OK, not even a strongly worded letter from us!” Man, they make the UN look tough.

Lets look in at home. shall we?

  • Ah, the ever popular “missing pretty white girl” story. Wonder if STEVE SMITH could help search for clues?
  • Dealers complaining about thieves.

That didn’t help.

  • At least we don’t live on an island prison.

So there you have it, it could always be worse.