Since we last looked at 10 of my favorite YouTube channels, I have added a few more. Some I have been watching for a while, and some are recent additions to my list. None of these is political, nor should they give you agida.

Hopefully one or more of these catch your fancy.

As always, put your recommendations in the comments.

  • The Behavior Panel: body language experts analyze videos of various criminal interrogations, celebrity interviews, politicians, etc. Like a lot of Body Language YouTube, they seem to have slightly conservative bent.
  • Duck River Honey: more beekeeping. This guy is somewhat new to beekeeping, and is trying to establish a small commercial operation. It’s best to watch his videos in sequential order, as the bee season progresses from winter to spring to summer. He’s big on finding and hiving feral swarms to build up his colony counts.
  • Gale Force Twins: twin licensed Captains who ran a robust charter business before ‘Rona policies put a damper on that (despite their being in Florida). They decided to put their eggs in the YouTube basket to make up for lost revenue. I like this channel, because they don’t make assumptions about the experience-level of their viewers. They show their rods and rigs in detail, including the knots they use, and weights and measures of the baits and lures. Some of you may find them cute as hell, too.
  • GeoWizard: a channel strictly for geography nerds. A Brit guy plays various geography-related online games, mainly Geoguessr (a highly addictive game – for geography nerds). One of my favorite series he does is try to pinpoint the exact location of one of his viewers based on a single photo.
  • Imamu Room: recommended by a Glib (sorry – can’t remember who).  A Japanese lady in Canada makes bento boxes for her husband every day, plus bonus dinners and lunches. I had no idea Japanese food could be so mayonnaise and fry-intensive.
  • Karolina Zebrowska: Polish woman researches, creates, and wears historical clothing, with an exceedingly strong meme game. Her viewers call her “meme mom”. This hits my funny bone as well as my fashion bone.
  • Let’s Game it Out:
  • Nicola White Mudlark: Brit scrounges in the filthy mud of the Thames (and other bodies of water around the UK) at low tide, looking for interesting and historical brick-a-brac. Who knew there were so many clay pipes buried in the mud of the Thames? I didn’t.
  • Scammer Payback: maybe you’ve heard of Kitboga (maybe you haven’t). This guy is one step above. He not only calls and trolls scammers day in and day out, he also access their computer systems, downloads their victim lists, finds their locations, and digs up their social media accounts. He has fund, financed by his viewers, that will make scam victims whole.
  • SORTEDFood: recommended by Tulip! Some chefs and some “normals” (i.e. non-chefs) do various things with foods and gadgets. My personal favorites are the electric shock episodes, where a couple of normals are tasked with recreating famous dishes. They get electric shocks from the chefs when they fuck up.