Hey hey there, Glibs! It’s been a while. I’ve been a little preoccupied with life, the universe, and everything these last few months. As time allows, I hope to be more present.

I have recently adopted a young kitty, and I spent last Thursday night assembling a cat tree. Kitty’s name is Merlin, and Merlin…Merlin be dumb. I’m not sure if he’s just dumb because he’s 2 months old, or if he’s a cat of little brain. But he is ultra sweet and cute, and totally in love with his new cat tree. He is not the most agile or dexterous feline I have ever known, yet he takes great joy in bouncing up to get to his food bowl.

He’s fairly hyper, mostly from being 2 months old, I think, but I have had to start drugging him to get him to sleep through the night. Otherwise he’s up every 90 minutes pouncing on my face. I tried kitty hemp for a couple weeks, which he really likes, and begs for his dropper, but I haven’t seen any noticeable effect in his behaviour. I am now trying catnip with valerian, and so far that seems to be going better.

He loves watching aquarium videos on the TV as well as Father Brown. He’s an odd kitty, but if he weren’t, he wouldn’t be mine.

Also from my browser history this week:

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Today’s “main story” is about the joy that is the Steak-Umm Twitter account. I, a vegan, even gave them a follow after falling down the rabbit hole of their account.

This…this is the screenshot that started my deep dive.

And then I was hooked.


And last, but not least, their thread about critical thinking skills is fantastic, but too long for screenshot. I am so glad I found this Twitter account. It’s one of the few that I have notifications turned on for now.

That’s it from me today. Hope to be back soon! Ta!