I found a program that makes making these much easier and TPTB are begging for content so I thought I’d try to make this a weekly feature, it will also motivate me to read a book a week, a goal I set years ago but rarely keep. This being the case I guess I will try and explain the puzzles a bit so some of the dimmer Glibs *cough Sloper cough* can maybe give it a try if they want. Today I’ll explain the clues that reference other clues,  The clue C, para ejemplo, is “What people into “I” rarely are” The “I” in there isn’t a ‘me’ or ‘ego’ thing it is a stand in for the word that is the answer to clue “I” of the puzzle. Thus if the answer to “I” was “skiing” ( it’s not ) then clue C would be “What people into skiing rarely are” and Cue E would be “One who is into Skiing” and Clue O would be “What people who are into skiing are”. Get it? Good. Once again this is for entertainment only, please No Gambling.

Lastly, Mojo was complaining that the puzzle isn’t interactive, the program I use does have a solve feature but you’d have to install the program and then I’d have to send you the file, and I’m not sure but it seems like you have to load the puzzle first (thus seeing the solution) before you can use the solve option which seems backassward, thus for now you’ll just have to print them out or do them in your head.