An out of stater might believe this is an average Texas car.

Great stuff last week!

One time when I was working on on a car, a friend secretly sprayed WD-40 on my hamburger.  Hilarity!  Followed by a Benny Hill chase.

Tools!  I saw several mentions of multitools, primarily Leathermans.  I have a collection spanning back to the very first one.  Never got rid of any.  I currently have a Leatherman Signal, with the saw blade replaced by a file and the plastic whistle and such replaced by bit holders from ShapeWays.  I always carry, as things always need to be fixed.  Last car fix was a loose nut holding down the luggage rack on the Mighty Canyonero.

Considering one of us just got an RV – How about a general discussion on mobile living?  One of my favorite close-by parks for campers or RV’ers is Jellystone Park.  Are those everywhere?  Where would you park an RV?

Post Away!