It’s my 30th anniversary today – so I have other things to do. Therefore, you get a quick look at the week, a handful of links and I am taillights.

Monday – I hope you liked the start of Animal’s new series. It will continue on next Monday. Kristen will point out some libertarianism sightings in TV and movies.

Tuesday – RC Dean tells us of Risk Management, and UCS’ series continues with Part 3.

Wednesday – Sugarfree. Yes, Sugarfree. Deal with it. To keep the theme of the day, CPRM gives us another animated Hat n’ Hair.

Thursday – What Are We Reading (get those entries in!) Then RJ’s Glibflick will conclude the day.

Friday – The Daily Stoic helps us cope. Richard takes us on a tour of Vermont.

The usual links and our weekend features will be there too.


  • Zero requirements to graduate soon?
  • Not sure what the Swiss could do to help in this set up.
  • Who had hot, acidic, mutant shark volcano on their 2022 bingo card?

Comments are open and all yours.