I am trying to stick with the links and preview format for Monday – it helps make up for the lack of creativity in my links. So here is the week, in brief.

Monday – Having enjoyed Animal’s Part II of his latest story (Part III next Monday) you can see RJ discuss… a possible misinterpretation of “hold music”.

Tuesday – ron73440 continues the epic restoration of the Truck with 350K miles. Tulip will introduce some help to a topic that has been grating at many of us – rising food prices.

Wednesday – SugarFree… *shudder* Best just experienced and seek help afterward. Gadfly digs into Minimum Wage and Unemployment. Normally I would have put this later, but at an 1100 slot. Schedule is jammed up, and as with Tulip’s Tuesday post, I wanted to get this in front of you ASAP.

Thursday – Part the Second of “Saving Face” by UCS. [BTW, UCS – I see Parts 2, 3, and 4 of the next story…but no part 1?] R.J. is back for GlibFlick with a fun one… “Black Sheep”.

Friday – The Daily Stoic should help us with all the bad news of the week. And Tulip returns with the “May Pantry Challenge” – see how clever I am to tie that in with the Tuesday article? *struts around Glibs HQ*

Weekends continue with Not Adhan and Chafed, and our TPTB misfits.

A shout out to Nephilium, Tulip (and Tonio) who make sure there are Zooms for our Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

And now the almost-afterthought Links

  • Oh, this is just the start, I am afraid.
  • I…uh…am not sure about this one.
  • In case you thought bandits were still impoverished Gentlemen who proclaimed “Stand, and Deliver”.
  • “If we start doing that, other countries will ask for this as well. The internal market would become full of holes,” he said.

The comments are all yours.