Grüezi mitenand. Bit of an interesting week at Glibs – I am grateful our contributors gave us enough content to make another week here. (Yes, that is a hint/beg for articles). So now let us preview Things To Come:

Monday – Having wrapped up Animal’s 3-parter (Liked the end, eh? Next series will start on the 23rd) we will have, by POPULAR DEMAND – whiz will tell us all about (and Science the #$%^ out of) this crazy Quordle thing that all the kids are doing.

Tuesday – ron73440 continues his epic rebuild of The Truck With 350,000 Miles on it. UCS continues a story that had Part 1 published earlier – I INCLUDED THE LINK BACK TO PART ONE. READ IT (or reread it) FIRST. Then you can enjoy part 2.

Wednesday – Su-Su-SugarFree (What? It’s a stutter!) will amaze and harm us. Later, to help restore some balance to the universe, Kristen will give us Part 2 of her cruise review.

Thursday – RJ Day!  First he gives us a look at making our very own dandelion wine. No, really. Then, Glib Flick! Thanks, RJ!

Friday – The Daily Stoic helps us cope with the mad, mad, mad world around us. Then kinnath will demonstrate mad wood working skillz.

Weekends continue to be supported by Not Adahn and Chafed. Thanks to all TPTB for your links and features!


Oh, yeah…Links.

  • NIMBY. But I don’t understand the opposition…it is not like anyone is ever held in NYC anymore.
  • Get ready for some shootin’ and Gulagin‘!
  • Russia suffers a severe defeat…no, no, not the one around Kharkiv, but the Golden Arches! Expect angry Muscovite Moms to storm the Kremlin – “Bring back the Playland and Happy Meals!” Oh, and from an old Reason favorite group…fugitives from Russian justice!
  • Stupid idea defeated.

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