Stupid times demand silly movies!

Corona Zombies 

If you take an old Italian zombie flick, mix it with new and repurposed footage then overdub everything with new voices of victims screaming for hand sanitizer as they are eaten, you most definitely have a winner. This winner is brought to us by Charles Band, long may he direct. Ever inventive, Charles found a way to keep cranking out content during lockdowns. It’s the What’s Up, Tiger Lilly principal of repurposing old film footage to make a new movie. Corona Zombies also draws from the playbook of Godfrey Ho, king of mixing multiple unrelated films.
Our movie is bookended by two lovely women: Cody Renee Cameron and Robin Sydney. They work well to fill space in between the action footage. Those two must be popular as two more movies were made with them playing the same characters. See below for details:

  • Barbie and Kendra Storm Area 51:  Appears to be a continuation in style and substance of Corona Zombies. This time you see repurposed sci-fi movie footage and aliens with corona virus heads. I have yet to digest this film completely as my various family members keep telling me to “turn that off.” I take that as a good sign.
  • Barbie and Kendra Save the Tiger King:  I like it. I am going to post it later. It’s ridiculous. Barbie and Kendra just sit there and watch the Tiger King and comment while wearing various wondrous outfits.

I should have played this six months ago. I’ve been slacking! This whole pandemic needed a shit load of snarking and Charles Band delivers. Naturally, he had various and sundry pricks saying “Ooooh, this is so crass!”  Screw ’em Charles. Keep making movies. Some people even said this movie was a hot mess, cranked out in a month!  The gall!

Okay, it’s a hot mess.  But it’s a fun hot mess. Human raccoons like myself will enjoy it.   Break out the drinks and laugh!  Life’s too short to watch Citizen Kane over and over again. Come have some garbage!  Watch!  Or Don’t! Everything is voluntary! Next week, we play “Could they make this now” with Forbidden Zone, Richard Elfman’s labor of love.

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