Yes, it’s real. And all made of metal, not fiberglass. No, I have not ran out of Darryl Starbird museum photos yet.


Must be a slow week. There’s a GlibCar! Today there is a very special crossover episode. GlibCar and GlibFlick! I found some fun recorded specials. God only knows where these ever played. Probably someone’s basement.

Ghost Cars a the Winchester Haunted House – Somebody put together a lot of different short films for this. Damn if it isn’t entertaining! Adam West hosts this show from the Winchester Mystery House (which I have been through many times, I love it). Among the many ghost cars featured is the real Bonnie and Clyde car. The actual death car resides in Vegas. But a fake Bonnie and Clyde car full of bloody mannequins is in Louisiana if you come to the Bonnie and Clyde Museum outside of Shreveport.

Racing through the Forest – Experience historic racing from before damn dirty commies ruined everything. Why do we let them ruin everything?

Speed Racer: Race to the Future –  Kill it with fire. Or in the comments.

Enjoy this open post! Bitch about cars, commies, whatever you want. Also if you see this, please make more posts!