Web Upgrades Coming

Tonight I’m going to do server maintenance as we have maxed out the resources. Maintenance will begin at 8pm ET, and is expected to take several hours. I will update this post when the maintenance is complete.

Update 8pm ET: Database backup in progress. Feel free to keep commenting. Will update in a couple hours once I start the fiddly bits.

Update 12:20am ET 6.16.22: We are in the middle of migration at the moment, but we are mostly back online. 101 GIGS of content has been moved over to our new server so far. The site will likely be in various stages of intermittent functionality as everything finishes propagating over the next 20 hours, but we should be in pretty good shape. It’s already loading sooooo much faster, and the front page caching issue is no longer an issue. I’m going to let the site settle out over the next 72 hours before upgrading WordPress because it is a huge upgrade.