And the villain still pursues her

One time several years ago SP and I were taking a trip and after a lovely time in Wheeling, West Virginia, we decided to get pizza. We found a great little place just across the border in Ohio. We ordered. I go in and pick it up. I set it on the hood of the car (because we’re classy), and we open the box. And inside we found a “pizza” with unmelted mozzarella on it. Like…what? We were dumbfounded. We thought it was a mistake. The bottom of the crust was done though? And kinda crisp. Almost charred. So that part of the pizza was cooked. But then there was this pile of unmelted cheese? SP suggested we go back in and ask them to melt it, but then we found their Yelp, and we learned…it’s a thing. We ate it anyway. It was not delicious.

A Politico piece about the white working class

An Irish take on our new “abortion problem.”

A delicious pudding recipe provided in PDF form from Fortnum & Mason. A copywriter created this recipe and it beat out all others in a competition for the Queen’s Official Platinum Jubilee Pudding.

A really bad day to be on this semi truck

John Eastman’s phone was seized by the FBI, and they apparently got access to his email. I’m curious since it’s an iPhone 12. Did they compel him to open the phone or do they have some new iPhone entry capability?

I would like to introduce you to my new favourite artist, Alex Schaefer, pictured below.

Alex Schaefer

Gonna try this

Soylent Wendys

Boning for support

Spotted at my local walmart…

Problematic Meme

(This meme caused some tension when I shared it among the staff and someone confessed to not liking dogs.)