the parking lot

5 bucks a day

the old shed

This course has been on my list since I moved to Michigan two years ago, and after some ultimatums two of my buddies decided to join me so we went South.


The town of Shelby is barely a town but it does have a Wesco so after a covfefe stop we journeyed on to Woodruff Road. A few miles of dirt two track and we were there.

some dense areas

Wide open drives

This place is a dedicated course like no other, outhouses, water, and shacks to hang out and rest in, way cool. Every tee box has benches.

Shack #1

The start was wide open with park style shots but then we met the trees, we thought about how to maneuver rather than panic, being from Manistee we don’t sweat trees.


It was an absolutely park like experience, there were some hills but we got to throw big bomber shots off of them to great effect.

It took two hours to play 8 holes, a slow start so we said fuck it and had lunch.

how cool


After grub and a big fat joint we were on our way!

A boomer

the actual tee box

Bloody rocks!

Nice lie

Very few tree hits, big drives, starframes and more, we were kicking ass, until…

Jack pines, oh goody

Rock art, what gives Baby?

Many courses are set up with alternate holes, this is no exception. So we play from #11 to A1-A6 then onto #12 which makes up 24 holes.


#12 teepad up there

This hole drives across a valley to an elevated basket on a ridge, totally nuts!

but first Nic and Josiah stopped off for a quick game of disc poker.


Nick on the left, Josiah to the right


To be honest the shots weren’t difficult, straight 250 foot drives ito a back stop, heaven help you if you go over the top.

3 perfect drives

Poor Nicko got a roll away 120 feet down the hill and finished double bogey after a short birdie putt, damn!

after that hill I took a quick nap

Old Man

the rest of the course was very open and friendly, and had a very fun feature on #23.


we finished with some great drives and pars all around, if we had more supplies we would played it again.

In 25 years and a lot of courses Flip City is far and away the best course I ever played. Every kind of shot is offered, the fairways are to die for, and a lot of big challenges present themselves. not the easiest, nor the hardest, but the funnest.

I will return.