3 Minutes of Aviation: short video compilations of aviation stuff. Look for appearances by cargo carrier Aeorsource in almost every video.

ANTI-CHEF: “regular guy” (no idea if he is “real” or a hired actor) makes food from around the world, as well as a Julia Child series. He’s funny and energetic, for an Ontarian.

Captain Steven Markovich: small channel (~14k subs as of this writing) with planespotting mainly from TPA (that’s Tampa to you). Fun personality, with quips such as “short & stumpy but gets the job done” (referring to the A318).

Dr. Todd Grande: psychologist that talks about pop culture, celebrities, and high-profile crimes. The snark is subtle yet off the charts, with deadpan delivery that Harold Ramis would have envied.

Jim Browning: the king of the scambaiters. Jim can gain access to scammers’ internal systems, including victim information and office CCTVs. All with the scammers’ permission. Also, I think he and our own Evil Sheldon sound just alike (so much so I thought ES was from Northern Ireland!)

Shiba Travel: Japanese dude rides ferries in Japan and eats & drinks. The quality of the food on these ships looks better than some actual cruise lines.

Tom the Taxi Driver: for cartographic and logistics geeks. London cabbie films his shifts, explains his routings, and talks a bit of history. I’d give this a 9/10 for nerdery.