“I’m so glad he finally agreed to a threesome,” he whispered into her ear. “Where did you pack the peanut butter?”



Since brevity was the soul of wit this time around, let’s look at a different sort of Subaru Horror: The Youtube comments.

Quentin Polley 9 months ago
Subaru is not good vehicle
OK, OK, going right for the car part of the car commercial. A little amateur, a little Saturday matinee, but OK. Little worried about the lack of an article in the sentence. Let’s see the argument.
Quentin Polley 9 months ago
It has a timing belt
Er, ah, OK. Maybe we need to move on from Quentin…

Jose Motley 4 months ago
Time to find a better woman.

To which Sgt.Baker replies:

SgtBaker16 3 months ago
She’s your basic passive aggressive spoiled first world woman.

I think the good Sargent eats a lot of frozen fish sticks. And cries when he thinks no one is watching. But we’re watching. We SEE you, Sarge. The inner you. And you’re fucking beautiful, man.


Luke Tremble 3 months ago
Your most resent commercial with the white couple with the brown baby is anti-white and distasteful. We don’t want multiculturalism , stop normalizing these ideas . I will never buy a Subaru again . Hateful and racist company . It’s ok to be white ??

The mis-spelling, the odd typography, the 4-chan White Power joke. Mot juste!

Also the odds Luke would have bought a Subaru before the commercial that outraged him? 0.00%


Heineken FiftySeven 2 months ago
They should re-title this, “how to be a cuckold” By Subaru, Wow.. This is the complete opposite of the Subaru Commercial that had Brenton Tarrant in it!

Brenton Tarrant is the dillhole who shot all those people in a mosque in New Zealand and now there are no more Muslims in New Zealand. They just all up and quietly left the island. You won Brenton! You saved the White race!


remcat answers with a reasonable argument based on the actual commercial and all those romance novels she reads on the toilet. (remcat has IBS, but she’s making the best of it.)

remcat3 weeks ago
NO! It is so romantic! That’s the kind of guy you WANT. She is worth it and he knows it.

Heineken FiftySeven 3 weeks ago
@remcat He’s an emasculated cuckold.. The jews who create these advertisements tell you that you want a beta numale, But in reality we all know that’s not true!

OK, there are the Jews. I was wondering when they would going to show up. Damn Jews ruin everything.

So Heineken FiftySeven:

  • Hates Semites of all religions.
  • Likes mass murderers and long walks on the beach.
  • Uses phrases like “beta numale” without a lick of self-recognition
  • Is way into cuckhold videos.

I don’t know about you, ladies, but I hope for your sakes he’s single and ready to mingle.


Pliny Elder 2 months ago
Just watched an ad to watch another ad

Brief, poignant, a cry of innocence betrayed.


Unironic Christcuck 1 month ago
Western white women fuck their dogs

Way to spoil my story, brah. Yeesh.


Mrcrow Bagins 1 month ago
i had 5 dogs all through my life. dont want anymore dogs no more. they have a beating heart they will die some day. my dog was 16 years old and i found it in the bathroom. half black lab half rot rieler

Is there a German word for “I’m sorry about your lost pets, but why the fuck are you writing about it in youtube comments section and are you Nell, from the movie Nell, because you write like an illiterate hillbilly?” I bet it’s super-long.


Michael S. 1 day ago
Once again the cuck boyfriend has to gain acceptance of the girlfriend’s dog and her. Everything he did growing-up is/was wrong.

And, finally, more cucking. So many people are so interested in watching a guy fuck his wife. I don’t get it. I guess I’m just not into seeing guys naked. Maybe I need to interrogate my homophobia.