I resolve to finally get the Wonder Dog’s fur under control and get her on a regular grooming schedule. (Hey, it could happen!)


I resolve to finally put away laundry more than once a month.


I resolve to play more golf and relax a bit more this year. And, most importantly, to understand that college football officiating is an inexact science filled with people at cross-purposes

Brett L

I resolve to win the lottery, shout at my kids less, love my wife more, and become better looking

Mad Scientist

I also resolve to love Brett’s wife more.


I’m going to try to have a better work/relaxation balance to my life. And have a personal life.


I want to participate in more arguments on Twitter. It’s the only real solution to all of the problems of our world.

mexican sharpshooter

I resolve to take down the Xmas lights, cheat death by putting them into the attic, find a more intellectually stimulating jib, punch Tony Horton, and attempt to get some sweet, sweet Koch money to fund this site.

What are your resolutions/goals for 2020?