I had heard a lot about this disc golf course in the mountains south of Kingman, AZ and decided it was time to check it out. I met a new guy on the local course, Casey, a tinfoil libertarian, Fireball whiskey-drinking, colon cancer victim, great player, and after a few rounds we decided to go up.



We live in Bullhead city, at about 507 feet above Sea level, about 60 miles SSE, is our destination, Hualapai Mt. Park. We arrive at the Ranger station, elevation 6500 feet ASL, looking for directions, forgot about that. I parked and even with a course map it took twenty minutes to find the first Tee,


The map is reversed Casey

Many disc golf apps are GPS enabled, we use UDisc


This course is built into the side of a Mountain, there are trails, but any errant shot will put you down steep gullies and Rock faces, tough to climb down and up, here’s a look towards a pin, it’s there, just out of sight behind a tree, goody.




Happy with one over

Did I mention we live in Western Arizona? This is March 24, 2020, snow


Looking East towards Flagstaff


and Hualapai Mountain,




Yusef the Tired

Burnt out


There is a lot of game, Elk, Bighorn, Deer and even Bears, although we didn’t see any, we saw a lot of scat, this is another Gem in the Desert. As far as the Game, it was the toughest course I ever played, every shot was risky, trees, cliffs, snow and water and I felt like either my ankle was going to explode, or have a heart attack, Casey’s blown out knee didn’t help him for sure. It took 3 hours and 49 minutes, and that was fast, god my body hurts…..

look close, the Pin is right in the center,

Casey, after his first game there, is already top Ten, he shot +10, I shot 100, yes +46, and still made top 20, it’s that hard


He’s looking at the next basket, we just finished the one behind him


Desert eh?


Until the next Course, cheers.