Yet another installment of links that require a lot of time, a lot of effort, and an advanced degree in astrophysics to read. Kidding. I’m not that smart, just interested in weird-ass things (like Digby). No, HM, that is not an invitation to eat my ass.

One of my pet interests is Pripyat, Ukraine aka Chernobyl. I do not know why. I barely remember the day it happened because I was a senior in high school doing what seniors in high school do in April, which is fuck around and not pay attention to anything. The shuttle exploding in January of that year was far more impactful, but I have no obsession with it. But Pripyat? Pripyat is on my extremely short bucket list.

In keeping with last week’s topic of how to make a gazillion bucks but lose money, brought to you by Left-Eye Lopes: I’ve linked these before in comments, but in case you nerds missed it: “The Walmart you don’t know” and “The man who said no to Walmart.”

I may be on the hunt for an alternative office space if we end up moving somewhere I can’t work in the house (especially if my husband’s company sends everybody home to work). In my lookings, I found this. How precious is that?

Candy. No, really. Just candy: maple nut goodies (used to get these in little pink-and-white striped bags at the Sears candy counter), Bit O’ Honey, fruit Tootsie Rolls, strawberry Laffy Taffy, and lastly, because they ruined my life, Skittles, which are dead to me, owing to the toxin that is green apple, which replaced the sublime.

I would like to worship at the feet of whichever songwriter came up with the lyric “known to give the color red the blues.”