Holy crap, but those Glibs video chats are “capital F” Fun (H/T to CPRM, for inviting his friends to entertain us)!  Anyways, I’m hoping for a third Saturday in a row, for the Saturday Turkey/Hat trick.  Based on what was mentioned in the chat this last weekend, April seems to be a significant month for many glibs (this even includes Madre de Digby).  And, while I remember that many don’t celebrate birthdays, allow me wish you all a happy/relaxing/fun Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary.  Here’s some sh…stuff to ponder:


I fully admit that this possibility scares the crap outta me.  Not saying I don’t want to travel, but, the concept has occurred to me before.

I mentioned to the stragglers on Saturday night that I had worked with an officer, at my first agency, who collided with a man who was driving around at night on his riding lawnmower.  Officer was going to an off-duty job, was speeding, and driving an unmarked police cruiser.  The man died after about a month, the officer got the charges dropped (stature limited the timeframe for prosecution), and got hired back.  Anyway, here’s the decision by the Texas Court of Appeals, with a fairly accurate summation of what happened.  I had thought this happened while I was still there, but, I was somehow wrong, by about six months.  Yeah—he’s currently a sergeant.

Of Epidemics and Twisted Ass Freaks.  It is pretty fascinating…in a twisted sort of way.

This guy!  This guy, right here!  That isn’t quite so bad; just a bit of fun, for the most part.  What bothers me is the fetishization of people in the news.  It seems to me to be something that happens A LOT with leftists; whether it’s giving the person a cushy job on ABC “news shows”, or, wishing to have violent, consensual sex with ‘the other’.

You know who else was ‘just following orders’??  Yup—Hitler.

The HELL are y’all feeding the sailors???

I’ma circle back around—take your pick:  TraditionalSchmaltzy.  Or, Iconic.  C’mon—it’s not like there’s a lot to choose from that’s worthy of you lot.


I would imagine that there’s a good chance of vid chat.  If so, come on and join us.  If not…well, we got some stuff to talk about.  Grab a beverage, relax, and let the links do their work.