Howdy, all. Thanks to MJ for the links yesterday. I had a technical interview. No idea how I did. Had one of those “I see this on your resume, tell me as technically as you can how it works.” And came up with: “I haven’t used that in three years. I’d have to look.” Don’t know if I’ll get points for honesty or marked down. Very unsettling. In better news, my wife took the boys down to the beach that is supposedly closed and said there were lots of people out there walking. Nobody got hassled. So it’s nice that she’s already teaching the oldest how to skip school and go to the beach.

Looks like Crazy Uncle Joe is the last man propped up standing in the Democratic Primary contest. I presume he is a stalking horse for somebody.

World ends, minorities hardest hit.

This certainly seems like a better margin than car.

Since post-9/11 checkpoints and minor terror attacks were the “New Normal”, isn’t this really the New-New Normal for NYC?