Man, last weekend was freakin’ awesome, weather-wise!  Took a trip down to Granbury (not a euphemism), and spent a few hours on the square.  I hope the rest of you are able to get out and do something to shake off the cower-in-place filth that our political betters seem to be reveling in.  There seems to be plenty of people tired of being told to shut up and suffer, and are getting bold about it.  Not sure it’s gonna translate into impeachments, or, legislative roll-backs, but, we’ll see soon enough.  Anyway, let’s see what’s going on out there:


How about some silliness?

This is how you admit when you’re wrong…when you’re a politician.  Hey, it’s better than many others, low bar that it is.

This is how you admit when you’re wrong…when you’re caught on video.  What the hell is it with people who brag as a form of argument?  Also, notice the convenient alcoholism, that wasn’t apparent until they made the news.

Remember, folks:  Living in PA is like joining the military.  Especially that service contract you signed.

::sad trombone::  File this under “Is it OK to hate everyone in this story?”.  On a side note, I cannot abide self-righteous politicians acting as if they are the sole voice of everyone within their jurisdiction.

Hey; it was safer than a DW cruise.  Maybe this is how you get back at them for what they did to Star Wars…

“So, how do we stop the spread of this awful respiratory disease?”  Americans are pikers, with their candy-ass, ‘sand in the skate parks’ schemes.

Keep reaching for the stHoly crap—that kid is five???  You know, maybe some kids do need an ass-whoopin’ or two.  And a treadmill….

OK, then.  Warning:  Be sure you’re ready to click that link, even though you already have some idea of what awaits.

***If you live in, or will be passing through, the North Texas area this Summer, let’s have a gliberati shindig, once things start livening up a bit.  TPTB have my permission to give out my contact email to whoever wants to get in on the excitement.***


So, humanity keeps right on trucking along, it would seem.  I guess the smarter segments are busy working on COVID cures, and sex robots, while the others make the news.  Present company excluded.  Maybe.  C’mon—you know I love many of you!  Most of you. Virtually every one of you, IYKWIMAITYD….  Alright, I’ll stop.  Talk amongst yourselves, link, and be merry, dammit.