Solid beard

Looks like the baseball players union wants a 114-game season. With pay for the full 162-game slate. But since nobody cares about The Corona anymore, maybe they can go ahead and have full stadiums and the owners can recoup some of their massive losses. And UFC had a slate of fights the other night, but I don’t follow it, so you’re gonna have to tell me if the results were as expected. That’s it for sports.

The lovely Norma Jeane

Religious leader Brigham Young was born on this day. He shares it with turbojet inventor Sir Frank Whittle, actress and “suicide” victim Marilyn Monroe, actor Andy Griffith, singer Pat Boone, actor Morgan Freeman, another actor Jonathan Pryce, brilliant guitarist Jeff Beck, hockey great Paul Coffey, model Heidi Klum, Canadian person Alanis Morissette, and unfunny person Amy Schumer.

That’s it for birthdays. Now on to…the links!

A protester(?)

I guess people are about to start complaining that they can’t buy food and other things. Damn evil kkkorpurashuns, right?

Europeans finally have an excuse to “defy” lockdowns. Damn pussies couldn’t have gone out unless Americans did it first. Bunch of followers.

I wonder if any of their test subjects will steal it like those monkeys did. I also wonder if they think this will work once the virus mutates, as most do.

Alex Jones influencing the marches(?)

Gee, I wonder why. Maybe it’s because those protests a month ago weren’t devolving into violent mobs.

Look at this freaking MAGAT. Right? Sure.

Maybe the people on the left AND right who reflexively support cop unions will start to understand this is the result. You take away the goddamn unions and this kind of shit never reaches this level of ridiculousness.  For crying out loud, why is nobody out there in the political world even addressing the real fucking problem? Not one single prominent politician.

Disney to reopen in July. Hell, I may take the kids. I don’t really think they’re old enough, but what the hell.

And now the weather hates us too! Well, maybe. Who knows.

Here you go. I may have played this in the last six months, but I don’t care. It’s always worth hearing.

Now get out there and have a great day, friends!