Experiment? We have no idea what you are talking about…


SUBJECT REPORT FINAL 071620 – Subject RAPERNON is now completely indistinguishable from an ordinary mouse. We anticipate subject SWISS SMITH will see a similar return to previous condition. Memory suppressing drugs will be administered.


“Everything is back to the way it was before.” Mad Scientist scowled at the empty lab room.

“We had better hope the memory loss drug works, or we are in deep fondue.” OMWC looked over the room with a gimlet eye.

“Nothing more to be done here. Get him over to Swiss Corp.”


“Sir, you look a bit rough. Is there anything I can call for, or get you?” Prathiba looked worried.

“No…say, wait. One thing. Send some flowers over to Glibertarians.com HQ. Address them to RAPERNON.”


  • Awww…who could be upset with a “Cozy Bear“? Alternate text…. ROOOSHIANZ!!!!!!! I KNEWS IT!!!
  • CWAA…but “Goading“? Sounds like an obsolete hockey penalty. This one looks like it will run like the cunte that urged her depressed bf to off himself…and he did/she was charged. Not sure if the NV judiciary can resist the pressure to let this stand.
  • Water Warz…coming to a Nile near you!