Doesn’t matter!

What a glorious day! I got to sleep in my own bed with my own pillow. And I believe the traveling is done for a couple of weeks. Which might have become the case anyway, what with states going lockdown crazy. But it’s happening on my terms, so it feels a little better.

Liverpool lost to Arsenal, but it doesn’t matter. They’re really mailing it in, but I can’t say I blame them. Next season is so close, there’s no reason in risking injury or burnout with these late-in-the-year games.  Not when you won the league with seven matches still on the calendar, anyway.  But I wish it had been anybody but Arsenal. I like seeing their cocky fans taken down a peg. Anyway, I’m droning on now and very few of you care. So I’ll move on from what are very sad sports updates.

Hey Glibs. You know how cute I always thought you were.

Christian Scientist founder Mary Baker Eddy was born on this day. She shares it with journalist and civil rights activist Ida B Wells, polar explorer Roald Amundsen, baseball great “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, popcorn magnate Orville Redenbacher, dancing actress Ginger Rogers, tennis great (who is being cancelled) Margaret Court, football coach Jimmy Johnson, dance choreographer Michael Flatley, the ever-lovely Phoebe Cates, hockey great Claude Lemieux, actor Will Ferrell, one of the greatest running backs ever Barry Sanders, actor and abused child Corey Feldman, and enigmatic soccer player Gareth Bale (boy, I fucked that last one up good before the edit).

That was a decent list. Now on to…the links!

An EO isn’t a law, asshole.

Atlanta mayor accuses Trump of breaking mask law. There’s only one problem…it’s not a fucking law. In fact, none of these “laws” we keep hearing about are laws. Sure, they’ve been given the criminal penalties associated with laws, but they aren’t, in fact, laws. And by the constitution of every single state they’re written in and the US constitution which guarantees each state a republican form of government, they can’t be given the weight of laws.  So I sure as shit hope she tries to have a fine levied on him. Because that would be an extraordinary test case for the constitutionality of these infringements on our liberty being handed down by executive branches of many states without any legislation being passed.

Sorry for the rant. I’m fired up.

This seems excessive. Like, really excessive. Shouldn’t this be a civil matter?

How in the holy fucking fuck is this even possible? Oh I know, because they’re union cops in the biggest cop union in the country.  And because they have a DA who drops charges even though the case appeared pretty strong on its face.

This might be a bit hyperbolic. Maybe more than a bit, even.  Sorry, but if wars break out because of tweets, then humanity is done for. Because hacks happen all the time.  Also, try not making something like twitter so influential, people. And if you’re gonna hack Biden, don’t make the tweets so obviously coherent that they are easily spotted as being fake.

“We’re gonna cook the books until we get the results we want”. Here’s a newsflash: if you’re counting “presumptive positives” when people don’t actually get the test, you should probably count three negative tests as negative if the same person gets tested three times in the course of a month. But since one serves the narrative and one doesn’t, guess which one will remain in the counts? Not to mention, many places weren’t even reporting the negative numbers.  This is all game of made-up bullshit at this point.

Just a normal bat delivery ahead of a “protest”. Nothing to see here.

How many times do we have to tell you these aren’t coordinated attacks? It’s a coincidence. One of the protesters had a softball game coming up and was responsible for the team’s equipment. And he had to get the delivery of equipment en route so he could both protest and meet his softball obligations. And if you say that sounds crazy, you’re just a racist.

Of course they said this. You wouldn’t expect them to actually try and figure out a way to get into the classrooms, would you? That would require them to do their actual fucking jobs. And we all know that’s not the CPS teachers union’s priority. At least it never has been, based on student progress reports or test scores.

Good! Now let’s get those hate birds (the birds that hate) back where they belong: having food shoved down their throats instead of at parks terrorizing people.

I don’t want to sound hyperbolic. But somebody needs to take this teacher and judge to visit a woodchipper factory. In fact’ I think she should participate in a demonstration.

Enjoy this great song. I certainly will.

Now have a great day, dear friends! I hope today’s links made up some for the shitty job I did yesterday.