I won’t even have coffee for another half an hour! What a truly uncivilized hour.

Bring out yer coins

The Mint

Quit hoarding your wealth, you dragons barons! Get out there and spend your cold, hard cash. Sure, it’s filthy and there’s some kind of pandemic on, but do your part for your country. Bonus social points if you rely entirely on contactless/digital payment methods.

Let’s get to some more relevant news, shall we? Who even carries cash, amiright?

Aw… this is some sad, stupid news.

But wait! There’s good drug news, too!

And yet… more unfortunate news… (for people who like drugs).

Y’know, I’m going to go back to bed, but here’s a little something to maybe get your day started off on the right funky footing. (h/t Mr. Riven)

And to an integral member of the Glib Community who is facing a challenge today, TPTB wish you the best.