The Powers That Be have been begging me to submit some content (at least that’s how I take the repeated references to a lack of articles) so I went through my slush file. I have a hand full of crosswords/acrostic ideas but I think I’m done with those, the crosswords are too much work and you people can’t grasp acrostics. I also found a file for my “libertarian hero or complete asshole” series but I think I jumped the shark with the inaugural offering, no one is a bigger asshole than Matt Dillon. Then I found some old storyboards from when I was messing around with animation. The project turned out to be far beyond my abilities or attention span but I thought I could turn those storyboards into a comic series easily enough, so that’s what you’re getting.*



trash talk this art haters


*Also I figure that I since I gave shit constructive criticisms to BP, MOJO, CPRM, UCS and any one else who dared put forth their creative output here that I should at least give them a chance to return the favor.