Good morning my Glib and Gliberinas and what an absolutely beautiful day it is!  I’m alive and healthy, my husband and children are all alive and healthy, I have a roof over my head, a kitchen full of food and live in a time period that is full of technological wonder.  2020 is nearly over and people strangely act as though tomorrow will be magically different. It will not, your problems will not magically disappear due to an arbitrary change in time, so get off your ass and conquer your own problems. It is a beautiful day to do so.


Senate deadlocks on $2k checks as GOP demands Section 230 repeal and an election review.


A witness claims he hacked into Georgia runoff election system.


Senator Hawley pledges to object to election certification on January 6th.


Trump campaign wants to air evidence to Americans before Congress certifies election.


Distilleries facing $14k FDA fees for helping with Covid effort by making hand sanitizer.


Man tased by park ranger for stepping off the walking trail at a national park.


Dawn Wells dead at 82.


That’s all I got for today. I’ll leave you with a song and move along with my day.