We’ll recover from last night. Eventually. At least we had a 22 year old Syrah to thank for the coup de grace. The B-grade noir film from the ’40s (Phantom Lady) was a nice accompaniment to dinner as well.

You figure that December 26 has to be one of the worst days to be born on- you still get screwed out of birthday presents (“These are for Christmas AND your birthday!”) but your DOB isn’t memorable. However, that didn’t stop a guy whose motto was, “Vive la difference!”; a guy who was most famous for beating up on little guys; a guy who proved that even dirty books can be dull; a guy who actually WAS worse than Hitler; a terrific actor even smaller than Rod Serling; a career piece of shit who left behind an even smellier piece of shit; a guy who started something big; a pitcher who actually lost a no-hitter, got blown off the mound in one game (and threw comically slowly); a guy who should have gotten prison for his production; and an answer to the riddle, “How bad a politician do you have to be to get removed in California?”

No riddles answered here, just news.


If he could throw better, he would have been able to hit Cuomo.


“It went BOOM.”


New Hampshire, Florida of the North.


Merry Fucking Christmas.


“We haven’t killed all of them yet.”


BrettL has an alibi. Or maybe he doesn’t.


Old Guy Music features not only the greatest American composer of the 20th century, but also the absolutely coolest guy to ever hoist a saxophone.