!! Warning: personal note below !!

My late mother LOVED Christmas. LOVED it. So, of course, since her passing, that has added to my seasonal sadness. And my Dad always had a huge spaghetti dinner open house Christmas Eve. It was a big deal with all my siblings and their kids and all the family friends and extended family in attendance. I miss my Dad, and Christmas Eve with family. Anyway.

I am trying to work my way out of it by:  A) cleaning and organizing (rubber gloves are my Super Power); B) putting up lights and setting up my little ceramic Christmas tree in my office (because OMWC hates it); and C) baking and making treats for other people.

This morning I sent a package of peanut and cashew brittles to someone at OMWC’s work who has been super nice and helpful to us this year. I received an email thanking me and saying it’s that person’s favorite candy. That was lucky!

I’m making another batch of plain peanut brittle tomorrow for my favorite Shipt shopper, because she told me a sweet story about how her late grandmother always made it for her for Christmas and she hasn’t had any since.

I have a batch each of spicy peanut and cashew brittle on the counter. This afternoon I am making biscochitos, most of which will be sent to OMWC’s lab. I might even get around to making the sugar cookies I joked about last night. (I have all the ingredients, I just need time…and more cookie sheets.)

I’ll be making a package of cookies and treats for some local friends who have small children. And potting up an herb plant or two for a friend who cooks.

And I’m now regretting not making the eggnog DblEagle shared in the Thanksgiving recipe post, even though it’s not remotely vegan.

So, that’s the state of my world this week. I want to send my “thoughts and prayers” to all the Glibs who are also having a difficult time. You aren’t alone. Lean on the people who love you, and on us.


Well, what’s happening elsewhere? Let’s see.

OK, which one of you was this?

Awww. Matching is good, as WebDom used to tell me when she was a very small child.

Which one of you is this?

Awww. They’re all good boys, even the girls.

And here’s a little silliness.


I hope your afternoon, evening, morning, or whatever it is where you are is good and getting even better.